Melting Mango Sorbet {Dairy Free}

Mango Sorbet 1So I *think* I’m getting my blogging mojo back. I really hope I am because I’ve missed it so. I have a list of recipes to blog longer than both of my arms put together. This Mango Sorbet seriously put me in such a great mood, I just had to share the super simple recipe. I got the idea from my trainer who mentioned how nice it would be to have an ice cold mango sorbet after training the other day. It sounded perfect, heavenly. I had to have it. I had two massive mangoes at home that were just perfectly ripe. So, hey why not?!

I had never made sorbet at home before and was not going to let the lack of a Sorbetierre defeat me. Surely my blender and a fork could work just as handy :p I often freeze banana slices and then whizz them up for a really quick fix of soft serve “ice cream” (its super delish especially with a touch of raw cacao) so surely I could apply the same principle to my sorbet. With this sorbet I wanted soothing, refreshing sweetness and boy did I get it!

Mango Sorbet 2I initially wanted to make this recipe using a coconut sugar syrup but soon realised that I would have a dark brown sorbet and not the bright sunshine colour I was in search of. So I grabbed my bottle of Maple Syrup and used that instead. Simple! And now I have coconut sugar syrup to create something delish with this weekend. I also think this sorbet would be pretty incredible with the juice and zest of one lime. Yum!

Mango Sorbet 3

Mango Sorbet 4

{Mango Sorbet Recipe}

2 large mangoes {the flesh of mine weighed 800g}

1 medium banana {mine weighed 140g}

100ml Organic Maple Syrup

1 large organic egg


In a blender, whizz the mango flesh and the banana together until silky smooth.

Whilst the blender is still running, drizzle in the Maple Syrup.

Place into a tray and cover with cling film.

Pop the tray into the freezer for two hours. Break up with a fork every so often {I did this just twice}

After two hours, whisk the egg white and fold through the fruit mixture.

Place back in the freezer for three more hours.

After three hours, break the mixture up once more and place the contents into the blender {I had to do this in two batches}

You will begin to notice that it starts to take shape from frozen fruit mixture into a soft serve style mix.

You can happily eat some now, I did. I just couldn’t resist!

Place the sorbet mix back into the tray.

Cover with cling film once more and place back in the freezer for at least three more hours.

When ready to serve, remove from the freezer about 15 minutes beforehand and scoop out with a warm ice cream scoop.

Garnish with mint :)

*If you would like to keep this vegan, simply omit the egg. You will have great results with it.

Mango Sorbet 5



6 Responses to “Melting Mango Sorbet {Dairy Free}”

  1. I was craving mango sorbet on Saturday, I was lazy and went to the shops and bought some. Having read your recipe, I’m going to make it myself next time!

    • Carolanne Rushe says:

      It’s such an easy recipe to do as well, despite the few steps involved. The result is totally worth the effort!

  2. ANGELA HUNT says:

    I’m gonna try xo

  3. Eadaoin says:

    That looks beautiful Carol Anne, mangos have such an amazing colour they always look incredible in a dish :) I love the flavour, will have to try making a sorbet myself someday too x

    • Carolanne Rushe says:

      Thanks so much Eadaoin :) the sorbet was so incredible! Nothing survived….may be a nice treat for the sunny weather the summer!

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