Halloumi + Harissa Salad {Vegetarian}

Halloumi and Harissa Salad 1

As much of a meat eater as I am, I am also extremely fond of vegetarian cooking. My business operates around vegetarian menus, not to deny the meat lovers out there but it is just the way I love to serve food to the public. And boy do they lap it up. My range of salads expands every week at the markets with new, fresh and seasonal ideas. My menu begins at the farmer’s market and on the journey home it has usually been compiled and then scribbled on a note somewhere lying around the house.

I’m a list maker and, without tooting my own horn, I just love to see the ideas I can put together for the markets. Not just because they’re my ideas or inspiration from fellow foodies. What I get so excited about is the bounty of fruit and veggies loaded up in my pantry ready to be transformed into a new collection of sumptuous meals. Each week something new appears on the shelves and right now, I am being ever so patient waiting for the arrival of Mangos. I cannot wait to add them in to Birchers, Savoury Salads and delicious Sticky Rice Puddings.

Yes, I did used to be a vegetarian once and for three years, I dedicated my diet to a very lazy vegetarian way. I wasn’t hugely adventurous in what I made and a lot of it ended up being pastas with pesto (not homemade) and stir frys…oh, did I live on a lot of stir fry’s and veggie curries in Uni. But for the past three and a half years, since I met my beau and my appetite for cooking has increased somewhat, I have been eating meat. I am definitely not one to shy away from a Grass fed steak fresh off the Braai or one of my favourites: Harissa Pork Wraps (recipe to come). I enjoy eating a wide variety of foods and no longer feel the need to tie myself down to one particular way of eating. The more variety I have, the happier I am. What I do so enjoy is chatting with farmer’s about their method of rearing their animals; Keeping them happy, supplying them with the right diets and treating them in a fair manner.

So when lunchtime rolls around here in HQ and I am waiting on a new recipe test to pop itself out of the oven, I love to rustle up a salad of leftovers or a ‘Fridge Surprise’! This salad is a perfect example of what is usually lurking in the depths of my always packed fridge. I often find Mossie wrestling with some sort of ingredient, trying to pull out a few tidbits for a sambo and not letting the art of Fridge Tetris beat him after a long day in work.

A combination of really fresh and delicious ingredients is all you ever need for a lush salad….

Here’s my Fridge Surprise Halloumi + Harissa Salad.

Halloumi and Harissa Salad 2

{Halloumi + Harissa Salad}

Coconut Oil

4-6 slices of fresh Halloumi

1 medium onion, diced

1 medium red pepper, diced

1/2 cup cooked quinoa

1 tspn Harissa

Salad Leaves

Small handful of Coriander

Salt + Pepper

Dukkah for a tasty garnish

Add a tablespoon of coconut oil to a pan and heat up. Add in the onion and red pepper and sweat until soft but not brown.

Add a half teaspoon of the Harissa to the onions and peppers first and test to check the spiciness. Then add Quinoa.

When the quinoa is heated through, taste again for seasoning and add remainder of Harissa if you want a bigger kick.

Allow to cool whilst you cook your Halloumi. Heat a grill pan and place the Halloumi slices on, these will cook quite quickly so keep an eye out. Turn once until cooked through. Leave to one side.

Toss some salad leaves through your Quinoa mixture, divide between two plates and top with Halloumi, Coriander and a sprinkle of Dukkah.

Halloumi and Harissa Salad 3

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